QCan I put your metal signs outside

AYes you can place our metal signs outside as they are made from aluminium and will not rust. Signs placed outside will fade over time due to exposure to sunlight

QDo the metal signs rust

ANo, our signs are made form aluminium sheet which means they cannot rust

QAre the mugs dishwasher safe

AYes, all our mugs are dishwasher safe unless otherwise stated

QCan I customise my gift

ASome of our gifts can be customised directly on the website. If you would like a gift customised that doesn’t offer it on the website please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet you requirements

QHow long does it take my order to arrive

AWe aim to get your gift in the post with in 24 hours of ordering it

QDo you accept Paypal

AWe do not accept Paypal as it would mean charging you more for our products due to the high expenses Paypal charge small businsses

QWhich payment cards do you accept

AVisa, Mastercard, American Express